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July 2022

Fall Recruitment

We are coming up on the most exciting time of year! Fall Recruiting! We can not wait to start recruiting this fall and hope that you are as excited as we are! Getting new kids to join Scouting and to get them to experience all our truly amazing programs and what they have to offer!

We will be hosting two fall recruitment training options
  • Thursday, August 4th at 6:30PM at the American Legion Sullivan-Wallen Post 11 (1708 N Irwin Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302)
  • Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30PM at the Elks Lodge (3195 S Ridge Rd, Green Bay, WI 54304).
We will also be having our Popcorn Hype party on the same nights with supply pickup to make things easier for you all!

This training is REQUIRED for one person from all units who to attend but ideal to have one for popcorn and one for recruiting! Both Packs and Troops should attend this year as not only would we love our Scouts BSA Troops to recruit new Scouts, but the Scouts BSA Troops should be helping their Packs recruit new Scouts! We had a successful fall recruitment effort last year and we want to continue this year to help our programs THRIVE! Many Troops are now struggling as well, we will have recruitment options and strategies for you all as well!

Only one person is required to attend fall recruitment training/hype party, but if you plan on helping any unit recruit new scouts, you should plan on attending a recruitment training. If you would like to help the Voyageur District’s fall recruitment effort, please reach out to Bobbi Gordon or Joe Heimerl either through email or at one of the fall recruitment training sessions. Please send this information out to anyone in your unit who it applies to!

Some of you already have your fall dates on the book. Thank you! Please fill out this form with the date you have and RSVP your attendance. If you don’t have a date set, please complete this form and let us know that way so we can coordinate appropriately! Don’t forget to have your unit register under the separate email for popcorn! If you need this email, let Lois or Bobbi know and we will forward it to you!

We can’t wait to work with you more to recruit Scouts into the greatest youth development program!

Make It a Great Year for Scouting!

Joe Heimerl,, Voyageur Membership Chair
Lois VanZeeland,, Voyageur District Popcorn Kernel
Ed Gerczak,, Voyageur District Chair
Bobbi Gordon,, Voyageur District Director


Registration for the 2022 popcorn sale is now live. As we did last year, kernel profiles from the previous sale were cleared, so everyone will need to make a new profile. They can use your same information as years past, you just need to select new user the first time around. Here are exact instructions with how to register:

  • Click on
  • Click “My account”
  • Click “create unit profile”
  • Enter Council Key” “635BLC”
  • Follow prompts to choose, district, unit type and number
  • Enter a username, password and all other information being requested Click “submit”
If you do not plan on being your unit’s kernel in 2022, please pass this email along to the appropriate person.

As a reminder, training will be held via Zoom on August 13 at 9am CST.

Please email Nikki Woolf or Kallee Kissling if you have any questions.

Fall Camporee

Voyageur, Hiawathaland, and Northern Lites Troops

Join us for a High Adventure themed Camporee at Camp Hiawatha. It's a Fall Camporee, but in the late summer where the days are long, the weather (relatively) warm, and the outdoor adventure, superb!

Friday Aug 26 - Sun Aug 28

 Want to stay in Camp for the traditional round robin Camporee format?  You can do that!

Want to experience a bit of high adventure on the trail as well?  You can do that also if you wish!

Click here to check out the camporee flyer!

For more information, or to register, click here:

Feedback: Questions, thoughts, concerns, hopes, dreams, aspirations? We'd love to hear from you. Please share your comments with us. It's easy! Just reply to this email, or send a message to