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Join us at Bear Paw Scout Camp on October 7-9, 2022, for all the STEM fun you can pack into a weekend! STEMpede is designed for older Scouts. Webelos, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scout members will find activities designed for their age groups and STEM interests. Friday evening will kick off with a movie and games with fun continuing into Saturday with all-day programming. Webelos will work on the Earth Rocks Adventure and the Down & Dirty Nova Award while older Scouts will have the option to choose 1-2 merit badges.

We are looking for volunteers for this event. Without staff members, we can't provide the excellent programming you have come to expect from these events, so contact Amanda Tuttle if you are able to help out.

The programming planned at Autumn Blast will enhance participation for Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos, while also delivering a camp experience to anyone interested in becoming a Cub Scout. Activities will build comradery and be FUN! Saturday lunch will be provided. We hope to see you there!

Are you looking for something to do with your unit this winter? Join us for Winter Camp and enjoy the winter wonderland of Wisconsin or Michigan! Registration for 2023 will open soon.

Polar Cubs is a unique winter program for Cub Scouts and their families. Campers are grouped into “dens” keeping those from the same Pack together. Dens rotate through various activities led by staff members. The program focuses on outdoor winter adventure.

  • Session 1:  February 11 at Gardner Dam Adventure Base
  • Session 2:  February 24-26 at Gardner Dam Adventure Base

Arctic Adventure aims to provide everything Scouts BSA members and Venturers need to have an incredible outdoor winter experience. Enjoy the pristine winter Northwoods environment and the freedom to do nearly any winter activity you want whenever you want.  Registration includes a bunk in one of our heated cabins, indoor showers and restrooms as well as four meals prepared for you. Between meals campers can use our snowshoes, cross country skies, broomball equipment, take a hike, and go sledding. You can also arrange to build a snow shelter to sleep in overnight.

  • Session 1:  February 3-5 (Gardner Dam Adventure Base)
  • Session 2:  February 17-19 (Gardner Dam Adventure Base)
  • Session 3:  March 3-5 (Camp Hiawatha)
Ice Climbing will return at Camp Hiawatha in February 2023. Stay tuned for dates and more information. 

Jamboree is more than a destination. It’s the adventure of lifetime and there is simply nothing else like it on the planet.

What’s a Jamboree? It’s not camp. National Jamboree is 360-degrees of fun, friends and fellowship with hands-on adventure that takes you places you never thought you’d go and challenge you to try things you never thought you could. It’s the beginning of your own heroes’ journey that will challenge you to go farther than you ever thought possible. You’ll reach deeper and lift yourself higher to become the best version of yourself.

Who Can Attend? If you are a Venturer, Sea Scout or a Scout and at least 12 years old on July 19, 2023, you are eligible to register for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Jamboree units will be formed with Scouts BSA boys, Scouts BSA girls and Venturing/Sea Scout members into a Bay-Lakes Council contingent for the 2023 Jamboree. Because the Jamboree was postponed, those who will be 18 years old and less than 21 on July 19, 2023, can attend and participate in the Jamboree program.

Registration for the Jamboree is on a first-come basis to anyone who qualifies. After units have been filled, a stand-by list of alternates will be established. Participants will be assigned to a Jamboree unit consisting of 40 participants (including youth and adults). Youth participants will be a member of a patrol within the unit. Our council contingent is expected to have 120 or more participants.

In the last issue of The Guide, I wrote about legacy. The definition of “legacy” is something that is passed on. But legacy can take many forms. A legacy may be of one's faith, ethics and core values… A legacy may be monetary or your assets… A legacy may come from one's character, reputation and the life you lead – setting an example for others and to guide their futures.


One of the gazillion great joys of Scouting is to be part of a select group of women and men who become course directors for the adult leader training program known as Wood Badge. (It dates back to the earliest days of Scouting when Lord Baden-Powell recognized that adult leaders need tools of leadership.) Making it a bit extra special is the invitation from the current course director to her/his predecessors to join the current year's staff for a meal and a commitment ceremony. This year, because at least two prior directors, who are still active in Scouting, were unable to join us, I was the more "senior" one. "I'm growing old and feeble," or so goes the song of the course!


Gathering this year at Rokilio: Gary Lau, Steve Ballering, Christopher George, Larry Peterson, Roy LaPean, Nikki Bergschultz, Warren Kraft, and this year’s director -- Ian Schiesl. Unable to join us from this century’s Wood Badge courses: Dora Zillmer, Mark Haslanger, Bruce Boyd, Larry Haggard, Michael Mailand, George Clark, and Steve Barnett.


Thanks, ladies and gentlemen, for continuing to share your legacies with all of us. And, greater thanks to all those adults who train to provide their youth with better programs and examples of right living through Scouting.


Warren Kraft

Program Development


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